Blackjack Tournaments


Choose a Blackjack Tournament

Tournament style blackjack can be an exciting way for blackjack players with a competitive edge to increase the thrill of this popular casino card game. However, if you are new to tournament play it can be difficult selecting the right blackjack tournament. The following tips will help you to choose the perfect blackjack tournament for you.

The Buy-In

When doing research about blackjack tournaments you will find that most tournaments have an entry fee, or buy-in. For this fee you gain entrance into the tournament and receive a specified number of chips with which to play. Entry fees, or buy-ins, are oftentimes used to fund the tournament prize.

Different tournaments have different sized buy-ins and buy-ins range from free, in freeroll tournaments, to very pricey in large, prestigious tournaments. When considering this fee there are a couple of things to keep in mind. For starters, does the buy-in fit within your personal bankroll? Never enter a tournament that is too expensive for you to fun, regardless of how big the final prize is. Secondly, it is important to look into the prize before entering a blackjack tournament to see if the entry fee is worth what you can win.

The Prize

Prizes also vary from tournament to tournament. Some tournaments offer a cash prize made up of a percentage of the entry fees. In these cases it is important to do research to see how many people usually enter and how large the prize usually is. If only a few people enter the prize could be small and not worth the buy-in. If you can find a guaranteed tournament, which guarantees a minimum amount of prize money then this is usually a better option.

Some tournaments offer non-cash prizes. These prizes can include anything from goods and services to trips to Vegas and around the world. If it's a prize you are interested in and the entry fee is reasonable then go for it. Satellite tournaments offer seats in larger, more expensive tournaments. Participating in these tournaments, which usually have pretty reasonable entry fees, can get you a seat in a tournament you might not be able to play in otherwise.

The Rules

When choosing a blackjack tournament it is also important to look into the tournament rules. For starters, which blackjack rules will be in play? Will the dealer hit or stand on soft 17? What are the limits, if any, on doubling down and splitting? It is best to choose a tournament with rules you are familiar with.

There are also specific tournament rules that make some tournaments fairer than others. Look for a tournament with rules that require the dealer to rotate the deal, dealing to a different player at the beginning of each hand, as well as one in which the first bet is rotated between players in each hand. This keeps the playing field even and fair and negates any sort of seating advantage.

By doing your research and learning about the entry fees, prizes and rules of different tournaments you can be sure to find the blackjack tournament that is perfect for you.