Blackjack Tournaments


Elimination Blackjack

Elimination Blackjack is a popular format for blackjack tournament play. Elimination Blackjack is most recognized as the format for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, though it is also played in many casinos around the globe.

Elimination Blackjack is usually played over the course of thirty hands. It gets its name because players are eliminated as the tournament progresses. In Elimination Blackjack, players can be eliminated for the following reasons:

  • A player can be eliminated for running out of chips entirely

  • A player can be eliminated for not having the required number of chips to meet the minimum bet

  • A player can be eliminated for being the player with the least chips at specific cutoff points throughout the game-cutoffs usually occur after the eighth, sixteenth and twenty-fifth hands in a thirty-hand game.

The winner is the player who has the most chips at the end of thirty hands. If all other players are eliminated before thirty hands have been played than the last player remaining at the table is declared the winner.

The blackjack rules that apply in Elimination Blackjack may differ depending upon where you are playing. For instance, in most cases the dealer will hit on soft 17, but in some games they will stay. Therefore, it is important to double check the rules before you begin playing so you can play at your full potential.