Blackjack Tournaments


Blackjack Tournament Etiquette

If you are planning to compete in a blackjack tournament then it is important for you to adhere to the rules of basic blackjack tournament etiquette. The rules of blackjack tournament etiquette ensure that everyone has the best possible time while competing.

One of the most basic etiquette rules revolves around your chips. Never, under any circumstances, throw the chips you are betting onto the table. Place your chips in a neat stack in the allotted betting area on the table. This not only allows the dealer and other tournament players to see how much you are betting, but it's also just rude to throw your chips down helter-skelter.

In tournament play it is also common etiquette to wait your turn. You may know how much you want to bet before the other players have put their chips down, but in many tournaments players must bet in a particular order. Additionally, you may know as soon as you see your cards whether you wan to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender. However, blackjack is a process in which players must go in order and you should always wait your turn.

Don't talk to the other players at the table about how you think they should play their hand, how you would have played their previous hand, how much better your hand is, how much you wish you had their hand or anything else. Talking about your hand or the other players' hands during tournament play is incredibly rude, not to mention it can get you kicked out of the tournament. Along the same lines, never try to educate other players at the table during the course of the tournament and never make fun of the other players. A simple ˇ°nice playˇ± or positive nod is acceptable, but never treat the other players in a negative manner.

If the tournament isn't going your way don't let it turn you into a mean or rude player. You may be frustrated, but throwing your chips, yelling and cursing the dealer and other players is never acceptable.

If you follow the rules of proper blackjack tournament etiquette you can build a positive tournament environment, avoid distractions, and play to your full potential.