Blackjack Tournaments


Las Vegas Blackjack Tournaments

Live blackjack tournaments can be one of the best ways to make money by playing blackjack in Las Vegas. Blackjack tournament play differs from regular blackjack play because instead of competing against the dealer you are competing against other tournament participants as well, trying to get the most chips.

Tournament play can lead to much larger wins than regular blackjack games, especially if a lot of people enter the tournament. This is because each player pays an entry fee and the entry fees are often pooled to create the jackpot. The more people that play, the larger the entry fee will be. Other tournaments offer guaranteed cash prizes as well that can be pretty generous. To enter a tournament you simply have to pay a one-time entry fee and you receive a predetermined amount of chips to use for the duration of the tournament. This fee is often very small in relation to the size of the tournament prize.

There are blackjack tournaments going on in Las Vegas all the time. Some are small, with entry fees in the range of about $25. These are great because $25 gets you enough chips to play with for a while and qualify for nice prizes. If you place one bet at a $25 minimum table and lose you're done for the day, whereas you can play for hours in a tournament. There are also big tournaments that happen every so often with large entry fees and huge prize jackpots. A lot of professional blackjack tournaments turn out for these, though underdogs often win their way in via satellite tournaments.

Although blackjack tournaments take place regularly in Vegas, the only casino that offers regular tournaments is the Sahara. The Sahara has scheduled blackjack tournaments at least twice a week, so if you can't find a tournament elsewhere the Sahara is a safe bet.