Blackjack Tournaments


Live Blackjack Tournaments

Live blackjack tournaments are tournaments that are played with a live dealer. Multiple players sit around a table and the dealer deals out cards from the shoe. The number of decks may vary from tournament to tournament.

Though you may assume, from the name, that live blackjack tournaments are played in live casino settings only you can actually play in live tournaments online as well. When you play in a live blackjack tournament online there will be a live dealer, rather than an automated computer dealer. The rules by which online live tournaments are played are also similar to the rules of tournaments in a live casino. However, you still don't get the true live blackjack experience, as you are sitting at your computer at home.

Casino tournaments in a live casino are usually much more prestigious and exciting than tournaments online. Blackjack pros show up to compete and participants pay large entry fees to get in on the action. If you want to compete in a live tournament in a casino you may have to register weeks in advance and tournaments can span the course of several days. For many players, playing in online blackjack tournaments is enough. However, nothing beats the thrill and excitement of the competition in a live, face-to-face blackjack tournament.

Thinking about competing in a live blackjack tournament? Playing tournaments with a live dealer online can be a great way to prepare yourself for a real live tournament in the real world.