Blackjack Tournaments


The Luck Factor in Blackjack Tournaments

A lot of gamblers have the misconception that in order to win at blackjack, whether it be in a tournament or regular table game, all you need is luck. In fact, luck is only one of the factors at play and it's a small one at that!

In blackjack tournament play you are playing against other players. Therefore, if you continue to get bad hands throughout the entire course of the tournament while your opponents are dealt blackjack again and again then you can chock a loss up to bad luck. However, the truth of the matter is that the luck of the draw is generally spread out pretty evenly among players during the course of a tournament. More important than luck is skill.

If you truly want to succeed in blackjack tournament play then you'll have to practice and perfect your blackjack skills. Learn as much as you can about basic strategy. Study and memorize basic strategy charts so that you can always make the best decisions when it comes to hitting, standing, doubling down or splitting. You'll also want to learn about money management and risk management so that you can build your bankroll and beat the other players in the chip count.

Sure, there are still players out there that pull on their lucky socks, put a rabbits foot in their pocket and cross all their fingers while preparing for tournament play. However, the real winners are those that don't rely on luck and prepare for tournaments by sharpening their blackjack skills.