Blackjack Tournaments


Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online casinos and gaming sites (e.g. drakecasino) are giving non-professional gamblers the opportunity to play their favorite casino games on the Web. Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games and one of the most exciting opportunities that online casinos give to gamers is the opportunity to play in online blackjack tournaments.

An online blackjack tournament differs from regular online blackjack because players compete against each other and not just the dealer. Players still play by the same rules against the dealer, but each player strives to be the best player in the crowd. The objective of blackjack tournament play is to end the tournament, which usually consists of several rounds of blackjack, with the most chips.

When it comes to online blackjack tournaments there are a huge number of options. There are free tournaments that are just for fun in which anyone can enter to enjoy the thrill of the competition but no entry fee is taken and no prizes are handed out. There are also freeroll tournaments in which the entry fee is waived but a prize is still up for grabs. However, the most popular types of online blackjack tournaments are those that players must buy into with an entry fee and cash and other prizes are given out to the winner.

When you register for a real money blackjack tournament online you must pay an entry fee and for this fee you get to compete. For the entry fee each player receives the same amount of chips to use over the course of the tournament. As the game progresses the bottom players are eliminated and the top player at the final table is declared the winner.

Usually the prize is made up of a portion of the entry fees. However, online casinos sometimes offer guaranteed tournaments with guaranteed minimum cash prizes or non-cash prizes. There are also satellite tournaments in which players can win a seat in larger, more prestigious live and online tournaments.

You may have to register in advance for scheduled online tournaments. However, many online casinos offer sit and go tournaments that allow you to enter just before the tournament begins. As soon as enough players have entered the game starts.