Blackjack Tournaments


Blackjack Tournament Prizes

Blackjack tournaments are an exciting way to compete against other players in a game, which is typically played only against a dealer. However, aside from the thrill of the competition one of the best incentives to play in blackjack tournaments is the prize. Different blackjack tournaments offer different sizes and different types of prizes. Read on to learn more.

Many blackjack tournaments offer a prize that is worth a percentage of the entry fees received. In these instances the prize can rise to very large proportions if a lot of players enter. However, if only a small number of players compete then the potential prize may not be worth the entry fee. Do your research first to find out how many players have entered so far, how many are expected, and what the prize is likely to be.

You may be better off playing in a guaranteed tournament. Guaranteed tournaments have guaranteed minimum prizes, so you know how much you are going to win regardless of how many players enter. Guaranteed cash prizes are usually found in freeroll blackjack tournaments as well, in which the entry fee has been waived. In freerolls it is worth your time to play because you don't have to buy-in to qualify for the prize.

Some blackjack tournaments offer non-cash prizes. Some offer goods or travel packages, such as all expense paid trips to Vegas. However, these types of tournaments are few and far between compared to tournaments with cash prizes.

There are also satellite blackjack tournaments. In a satellite tournament players compete to win entry into larger, more prestigious blackjack tournaments with larger entry fees. Satellite tournaments allow skilled players that don't have enough money to enter these larger tournaments to win a seat and an opportunity to prove themselves as skilled blackjack players.

Before participating in a blackjack tournament, check out the prizes. If they're worth the entry fee than give it a shot and good luck!