Blackjack Tournaments


Famous Sahara Casino Blackjack Tournaments

In the history of blackjack tournaments, Sahara Casino is one of the earliest and most important players. Sahara Hotel and Casino was the site of the first ever blackjack tournaments in 1978 and continues to be a primary player in the world of Vegas blackjack.

In 1978, when the famous Sahara blackjack tournaments began, the entry fee was $250 and on top of that, players had to put up a $500 buy-in. The biggest players in blackjack would come out to the Sahara to play. Sahara Casino continues to host blackjack tournaments to this day on a regular basis.

The Sahara is the best Vegas casino that is known for taking a sharp focus on blackjack. Aside from hosting regular blackjack tournaments the casino boasts a number of other exciting options for blackjack players including blackjack tables with minimum bets as low as $1.

The next time you are in Las Vegas visit Sahara Casino. You can take part in a blackjack tournament and experience a little bit of the history of blackjack.