Blackjack Tournaments


Types of Blackjack Tournaments

There are a variety of different types of blackjack tournaments. These types can be differentiated based upon the general tournament rules and set up, as well as the more specific tournament rules and regulations. The following are some of the most common types of blackjack tournaments.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go tournaments are a common format for online blackjack tournament play. In a Sit & Go tournament there is no scheduled start time. Rather, as soon as the minimum number of players enters the game the tournament begins. Sit & Go tournaments are generally smaller than scheduled tournaments.

Scheduled Tournaments

A scheduled blackjack tournament begins on a specific date at a specific time. Players register in advance and show up on the day and time of the tournament. Scheduled tournaments may have a prize made up of entry fees or may have a guaranteed prize.

Freeroll tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are generally held by online casinos in order to bring more players to the site. A freeroll tournament has no entry fee-players may enter for free. However, a prize is still guaranteed. Freeroll tournaments are great if you are new to tournament style blackjack play, as you can get used to the tournament setting without putting any of your money on the line.

Live vs. Online Blackjack Tournaments

There are live blackjack tournaments, played in live casinos around the globe, as well as blackjack tournaments on the Web. Both types are generally played by the same rules. Live tournaments frequently have larger entry fees and larger prizes, however, than online tournaments. If you are planning to play in a live tournament in Vegas or elsewhere, practicing with online tournaments can be a great way to prepare.

Elimination vs. Non-Elimination Tournaments

When you sign up for a blackjack tournament it is important to find out whether it is an elimination tournament or non-elimination tournament. In an elimination tournament, players are eliminated at the end of each round. For instance, the top two players at each table may advance to the next round of the tournament while the other players are eliminated. A non-elimination tournament works quite differently. In this style of game, the player who has earned the most chips over a certain span of time or number of rounds is declared the winner. Players are only eliminated if they run out of chips entirely.